Introducing... CapsUnlock

by andyjmay December 11, 2011

At my work, most people use AutoCAD all day. When they are in CAD, most of the time they have Caps Lock on. But then they have to write and email, and halfway through they realize that THEY ARE SCREAMING. Then they turn off Caps Lock, finish their email, switch back to CAD, and forget to turn Caps Lock back on. 

So when I was asked if there was an application that would handle their Caps Lock issue, I said "I don't know, but that should be pretty easy to make". It turned out not to be as simple as I thought it would be, but after a weekend of work I've now got a working application. It probably won't eat your children, but let me know if you encounter any crashes or bugs.

I will be releasing the source code very shortly, but you can install it now from this page.

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